STUCK 04: Donny Hathaway – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know

This gets lodged in the noodle every couple of months or so; not a problem. I end up mentally mashing up the live and album versions to create a huge, sad, beautiful monster.

Also, honourable mention to my favourite tune that samples it:

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STUCK 03: Tom Jones – My Yiddishe Mama

I never said they’d all be good, did I?

(I actually really like this, it’s one of the two Tom Jones things I like)

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STUCK 02: Eddie Gale – The Rain

Bigups to Kutmah¬†for this one. I was planning a mix last year, and mentioned how I was intending on playing a load of rain related tunes; he suggested this, so I dug it up. Now whenever it rains (all the time) or someone mentions rain (a hot topic, it seems) this pops in my head and refuses to leave for a while… no complaints here.

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As of next week I’m going to be putting up regular (ish – I’m as reliable as German beanspots) posts of the tunes I’ve heard at the weekend and had stuck in my head all week. I reckon it’s worth documenting them; when I’m at work I have to listen to the radio and get subjected to all sorts of formulaic, buy-me-now bullshit, so the tunes with merit which just won’t move out of my head deserve a mention, I think.

I’m gonna start with a few that I had this month; I’ll try to keep it brief…

Wyles & Simpson – Can’t Switch Off

“it’s beginning to send me a little loopy”

I’ve heard the ladies (yes that does include you Blain) play this mesmerising number a few times now; always sticks with me for ages, so I end up with a 6 hour rendition of it in my head… this is A Good Thing.

Dead Dred – Dred Bass (Origin Unkonwn Remix)

“what the time you have there, dred?”

I could go on about this all day… probably have done a few times. Origin Unknown were the kings of jungle for me, elevating it to an art form when so many others were just throwing shit together and seeing what happens. This production in this remix is NUTS; the double-layered Amen break, the staccato chops, the progression that keeps everything rolling; this tune’s got it all. If you want to know why I love Jungle, check this.

Massive Attack – Teardrop

“love is a verb; love is a doing word”

Nothing I could say could do justice to this.


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Interview on Manchester’s Finest

There’s an interview with me here,¬†masterfully conducted by Martin Gutteridge-Hewitt; have read if you can be arsed

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Nihon Kizuna – Bonus Beats

After the phenomenal success of the Nihon Kizuna compilation ($20,000 raised via Bandcamp, potentially more through iTunes), Laurent Fintoni et al have decided to release a free (or pay what you like) download featuring another 34 tunes that didn’t make the deadline:

If you slept on the original, y’alls can go git it git it:

Beez – D

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RSL’s “Every Preston Guild”

I just bumped into Joe from RSL, and he informed me that Every Preston Guild is now available on Itunes and such:

I spent a lovely year gigging with the lads in 2002, and am proud to say I got on the album. I co-wrote/skratched on Star, which was the B side to the summer anthem Wesley Music and also the first vinyl with my name on it… Click on the link or the picture and go and buy my memories for six quid!

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