2012 Mini Tour MIXXXXXXX


Between April and Julyish, I did a lil’ kind of mini-tour, a load of gigs all over the shop. If you were at one (or more), then gigantic verticals to you… if you weren’t, then you can peep this here mix; it’s a fairly good representation of the stuff I was playing.

It contains a load of tunes that I absolutely love; a fair chunk of Manc heat and far too much Om Unit/Cosmic Bridge related business… tracklist as follows:

1. Slugabed/DOOM: Moonbeam Rider/Figaro

My current favourite track from Slugabed’s album (git it), laced with my favourite DOOM acapella…

2. Zackey Force Funk: Nite Flite

I love the mood of this track; produced by Brighton’s Mute Speaker

3. Slumpty Dumpty: WD4D (Stop Biting)

Sick beat from the STYLSS presents ¿THA FCK? compilation…

4. Danny Drive Thru: Sexy Habit


5. Danny Drive Thru: Why Do It Like That, Though?

An wot…

6. Mark Pritchard, Danny Breaks, Om Unit: Alien Titchmarsh Riddim

When I saw artists behind this track I geeked the fuck out. More please…

7. dBridge/DJ Vadim & Motion Man: Cornered/Terrorist

I love this Funky Drummer flip, and I reckon the acapella goes over it reet good…

8. Dom Hz/Supercat: Why Not/Scalp Dem

I first heard Jonny Dub playing this beat, and proceeded to pester him, Al Sonar and Dom until one of them sent it to me. This acapella sounds sick over it too…

9. EAN: Pictarus

Firing beat from the Project Mooncircle anniversary compilation, and second of too many Cosmic Bridge related malarkey in this mix…

10. Naive Machine: Electric Eccentric (Pete Cannon’s Gammon Remix)

Nuts remix from Pete Cannon for Naive Machine’s debut 12″ (I think? I might be wrong)…

11. M-Phazes – James Blake Flip

Accident at work? Slip, trip or fall? Whiplash from M-Phazes’ “I Never Learnt To Share” flip? Better call Saul

12. Nas: The Don

First time I heard this was Mr Thing playing it at In The Loop. Next time I heard him play it was a couple of weeks later when we played Madnice Marauders, and he chopped the original live before dropping this… I lost my shit

13. Moresounds/Dub Phizix, Skeptical, Strategy: Shtrakstep/Marka

This Moresounds shit is INSANE… I love the way Marka just nestles in to it, like they were made to go together…

14. Danny Scrilla/Danny Brown: X/Die Like A Rockstar

Going in double Dannys on this one, whilst traversing the Cosmic Bridge…

15. Kromestar: Don’t Make Sense VIP

Alright, alright, enough bloody Cosmic Bridge stuff already… absolutely killer VIP mix of one of the best shits of last year IMO…

16. Busta Rhymes: Shut ‘Em Down 2002

Thought I’d give this one a go, seeing as no-one really plays this version…

17. Celph Titled & Buckwild: Good Hell Hunting

I was well into the Nineteen Ninety Now album, rinsed loads of it out; here’s some shit off Nineteen Ninety More

18. Fatal Lucciauno: The Mad Hatter

Lucciauno goes in undaunted over one of those “oh no you didn’t” Jake One beats… Jake One, you craaaaazy…

19. Foreign Beggars: Palm Of My Hand

Cracking little bubbler produced by Kidkanevil (as if you didn’t know already)…

20. Jehst – Dynamite Sound (Murder He Wrote Remix)

I’ve linked to the original cos I can’t find the remix online. Another one straight outta Brighton, this time from Murder He Wrote; great remix and all, but could do with more cowbell…

21. MC Det & Skibadee: 2X Freestyle

Double time smash from these two jungle MC icons

22. DJ Adlib, Frank Nitt: Bang It Out

Bass on this is nuts, plus I’m fond of the Masta Ace sample

23. Deft: Tesla’s Machine

This is my favourite track so far from Croydon’s finest, plus this is one of the few places you can hear it… Big things coming from this dude…

24. Akira Kiteshi: Arguru

I love the beatsy stuff he does as opposed to the brosteppy stuff, although it is still a little bro-esque… I can’t help but like ’em though…

25. Opal Block, MC Double Mint: Like That

Cracking tune from the worst-kept secret identity ever (I figured it out without having ever met him (or her???!!!1!!?)) AHEM SCHMETESCHMANNON… keep an eye out for this one; word has it there’s some SICK remixes of it dropping soon…

26. Yosi Horikawa: Grasshopper

Absolutely love this guy’s work, and I really wish I could’ve put Skipping (headphones are best for this one) on here because it’s AMAZING… Maybe next mix…

27. Tipper: Covered In Lobsters

I love that Tipper is putting more stuff like this out recently, because that Doghouse EP really helped shift my focus into more experimental planes when it came out (along with Danny Breaks’ “The Jellyfish“)… “Scabbler” off this EP is a beast to kut to…

28. Ave Blast & Lopez – NTA

This boogie-ish number grabbed me straight away; really understated in the way it chops, in contrast with the HAM drums… and goes perfectly into…

29. Deft: Paradise

…the second Deft track in the mix, just showing how quality his stuff is… I’m well jealous of him, I pretty much wish I’d made every tune I’ve heard of his…

30. Liliea Narrative: Festin Feminin

The EP this came from took me totally by surprise; it’s amazing, really solid beats, dope kuts… Can’t help thinking it would’ve been huge if it’d been released a few years ago… Still could be though…

31. Ilous & Decuyper: L’elu

From one thing which is French, to another thing (if you’re bright you’ll see where this is going) which is also French… yeah smooth… This is taken from Brutus Music’s Dreams Of San Antonio comp, available through Fat City Recordings…

And that be that. Leave me comments, I like them. Bye bye x


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  1. Agentj says:

    Fucking linktastic

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