Musings on the state of pop

I do music most of the time, but the rest of the time I work out of a van in which I am subjected to the radio, so I get to hear all of that pop music that the kids like these days. This is not something I’m terribly happy about, but something occurred to me today.

I had a gap of about four blissful years where I didn’t listen to the radio at all, and I realised that, since I’ve started listening again, it’s got marginally better.

Not sure why, but I find myself less offended by what I hear these days. Obviously LMFAO is a massive exception; I hate the twats (and what they’re doing to the Gordy legacy), but on the whole I think trends are looking up. People seem to be responding to talented vocalists, and rejecting the Dread Demon Antares

I’m gonna say some names. Adele; Jessie J; Emeli Sande; Ed Fucking Sheeran. Whatever you think about the merit of their creative output, they share a couple of things in common; they aren’t usually autotuned, and if you put them on a stage they can sing. Not necessarily an odd thing for singers to be able to do, but look at the past six to ten years. S Club Seven. Akon. James Blunt. Seriously.

Adele’s had enough said about her recently, so I won’t bother. Jessie J, for all her annoying vocal affectations, has a cracking voice. I’m grateful for all the bum notes I hear in Emeli Sande’s songs, because it means she’s been given a chance to get some right. As for Ed Fucking Sheeran, the Brits was (were?) on in my flat, and of the bits I caught I was bemused to note that his was the best vocal performance. Jeans and t-shirt, guitar and that’s it, and was hitting all his notes. All the others, fancy clothes, dancers, and shite voices.

Isn’t this a positive thing? Singers with voices are selling lots of records, and we’re hearing less and less autotune. The songs are still largely dross, but talent seems to be a more valuable commodity these days.

What do you think?


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