Micks for Rhythm Incursions

A little while ago, I heard from DJ Rasp that he’d heard a guy playing one of my tunes in Italy.  That guy turned out to be Laurent Fintoni; I got in touch to say thanks and he very graciously asked me to do him a micks for Rhythm Incursions.  I’d had an idea for a theme for a while, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to do it.

You can git it git it:


Bigmassiveups to Laurent, and thanks to all who do the listening!  Let me know what yoz think innit? – D


About dannydrivethru

Turnablist, Beatmaker, Producer, Nerd... If you give me tracks here: http://soundcloud.com/drivethru/dropbox if I like them I'll put them here: http://www.mixcloud.com/dannydrivethru/
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