Hank, you naaaasty

I done did a remix for Dirty Hank out of Providence RI, you can get it here:

Also, you should check out his other stuff too (I particularly like Vitamin Vodka):


And this one (Fade To Wack is my favouritest):


AND coming super soon is The Monty Brogan EP with Reason from Poorly Drawn People (is that people drawn badly, or drawings of poorly people) AND a new mixtape… busy Hank…

Follow here for more info:


ps the picture up there reminds me of one of me from last Christmas…


About dannydrivethru

Turnablist, Beatmaker, Producer, Nerd... If you give me tracks here: http://soundcloud.com/drivethru/dropbox if I like them I'll put them here: http://www.mixcloud.com/dannydrivethru/
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